Jack’s Lobster Shack Opens in Ridgewood NJ

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If you aren’t able to make that time-honored summertime trip up to Maine this year (yeah, us neither), that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on one of its finest (and definitely its most delicious) export: lobster rolls! And we don’t mean those substandard under-stuffed and over-mayo’d hot dog buns with something that might or might not be lobster inside it some places try to pass off as a legit lobster roll experience. We’re talking super fresh, generous chunks of real Maine lobster, perfectly seasoned and served in a signature roll complete with coleslaw and chips on the side. Best of all, you don’t have to take a nine-hour road trip to get your hands on one (okay, make that several). Just head to the new Jack’s Lobster Shack location right here in Ridgewood NJ!


We raved when the first Shack opened in Edgewater back in 2016, impressed with the ocean of super-fresh fish, soft-shelled crab, clam, calamari, and lobster dishes on its extensive menu, as well as its nautical themed dining room that had us feeling like we were chowing down at an authentic New England lobster joint.



For this location, husband and wife owners Jack and Aline Tabibian have successfully replicated that same down-home décor but have scaled back the menu a bit. Instead, the focus here is on a smaller-but-still-impressive selection of seafood salads, slurp-worthy chowders, grilled sandwiches, and of course, those beloved lobster rolls.


We stopped in recently to make sure they were still up to snuff (do we have the best job, or what?), ordering a couple Maine-style lobster roll ($17), served cold on a lightly toasted, buttered roll, to-go, since the kids weren’t feeling fish that day (their loss!). We’re proud to report they were as delicious as we remembered. Packed with generous chunks of lobster brought in directly from Maine and coated with just the right amount of mayo that didn’t overpower, both were wolfed down with abandon. Honestly, the only thing keeping us from stopping in here every day is the $17 price tag per roll ($20 if you want to top it off with a bag of Caper Cod chips, coleslaw, and a pickle). Still, we’re for sure coming back to get a taste of Jack’s Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese ($15) which we know we'll be addicted to as well.


We can’t think of a better splurge.


Jack’s Lobster Shack
194 East Ridgewood Ave., Ridgewood
(201) 882-1244


Carla Sullivan is the founder of MiniMunchers a website dedicated to helping families find child-friendly dining in NYC, she is also a mom of three and resides in Ridgewood NJ

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