Healthy Eating in Bergen County: Our Bowl Roundup

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So there’s the Super Bowl and then there are super bowls. And whether you’re Team Patriot, Team Eagle or 'Team Tom Brady is super cute', one thing we all can agree on is that these bowls are a tasty, trendy treat and healthy eating is a definite "yes". Whether you’re looking for something sweet or something savory, something healthy or something you can pretend is sorta healthy by sprinkling granola on top, you’re going to want to know where to go. So here for your reference, is the ultimate round up of where to go to get super bowls (and which ones we recommend you try) in Bergen County.

The new Superjuice Nation in Closter Plaza is giving us all the feels with their all vegan and mostly organic bowls and cold pressed juices plus an uber long menu of their trademarked 'S'moovies'. (locations in Closter Plaza, Wyckoff, and Ridgewood)


If you've heard the clamoring about Playa Bowls:  the surf-themed-crowd-fave bowl shop coming to Ridgewood (and then Franklin Lakes soon after) then believe the hype. Get ready to ride the Acai wave with cool creations that will bring those beach vibes earlier than summer. (305 E Ridgewood Ave, Ridgewood, opening soon)
 We first wrote about Samba bowls back in October and the crowds have been lining up for their delish, healthy concoctions ever since. The concept is easy. Pick your base, add your protein and toppings, and finish off with a drizzle of Peanut Butter, Raw Honey, Nutella or the "Samba Drizzle" and you've got your dream bowl. Can't decide? They've got a whole menu of favorites too. (37 East Ridgewood Ave., Ridgewood)
Newcomer Simply Juiced in Fort Lee serves up fresh juices, sandwiches, smoothies and salads, but they really had us at their Breakfast Bowl- loaded with quinoa, granola, cinnamon and almond milk. Customers love their Pitaya, Acai and All Organic Green Bowls which are available on demand too. (302 Main Street,Fort Lee)


Bowl snobs will ogle the gorgeous creations coming out of The Raw Squeeze's kitchen. Insta-worthy loaded Acais and Pitayas taste as good as they look against the shop's perfect photo backdrop. (1033 River Rd, New Milford)


We could sit here and say Beets Juice Bar is Park Ridge's best kept secret, but then we would be lying. Health nuts and foodies are flocking to the juice bar for everything from Tumeric Shots to their CinnaBowl and seasonal bowl creations like their fall Autumn Bowl. Look out for their new location coming soon to their new Montvale location. (21 Haworth Ave, Park Ridge)


 The OG Juice Journey in Edgewater has mastered the #bowllife- and some say their Peanut Butter Protein Bowl is addictive. They also go beyond the bowl and offer up a pretty extensive menu of vegan eats- with everything from Zoodles to Veggie Burgers. (1 Main Street, Edgewater)
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