Everything Bagel and WHOS Gluten Free Comes to Ridgewood, NJ

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If you're longing for a good carb and bite of bread, but due to dietary restrictions or health conditions such as Celiac disease you typically keep your distance, you're going to want to tune in for this. Everything Bagel and WHOS Gluten Free, the popular duo currently found in Paramus, teamed up once again to open their second spot in downtown Ridgewood on May 10th. The good news? Not only can you find authentic NYC-style bagels and treats, but plenty of gluten-free options so you can safely enjoy your faves without the worry.


On the bagel side of the menu, expect the same fresh and unique options found in Paramus, baked on-site. Look for the classics plus their specialty items such as french toast bagels and jalapeno bagels. Gluten-free bagels are available, as well as items from their "breakfast all day" menu such as gluten-free pancakes and gluten-free pesto grilled cheese. Non-gluten free grilled sandwiches and breakfast items are also available all day. Plus, the Ridgewood location is bringing back the novelty bagels customers know and love, which can turn your special daytime event up a notch. Number- and letter-shaped bagels, holiday-inspired bagels in a variety of shapes and colors (think: "shirt" bagels for Father's Day), and other creative bagels for special events can all be custom-ordered. 


On the dessert side, prepare for a mouthwatering menu that regularly changes with the season. Gluten-free pastries and decadent desserts include muffins, cookies, rainbow cakes, strawberry shortcake, brownies, apple turnovers, donuts, chocolate croissants and cannolis, to name a few. Bagel and bakery platters can be creatively arranged with an array of shapes, colors and flavors for any event or gathering.


Everything Bagel/WHOS Gluten Free
205 E Ridgewood Ave., Ridgewood
483 Rte. 17 S, Paramus
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