DVine Pie Restaurant Opens in Piermont NY

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No matter how you slice it, the hits just keep on coming from local restaurateurs Doug Stone and Joe Printz, the duo behind Sparkill favorite DVine Bar and its sister retail wine shop, The Grape D’Vine. Their new restaurant, DVine Pie, in Piermont NY, is a late-summer smash, thanks to its DLiciously fresh twist on everybody’s favorite guilty pleasure—pizza!


Forget those seen-‘em-all-before toppings you’ll find at your average pizza joint. The menu here takes super-fresh toppings and flavor pairings to the next level, with a short list of eight inventive pies (from the decidedly simple “Heirloom Tomato,” with ricotta “impastata,” fresh basil, and aged balsamic to the decidedly decadent “Alt: Bacon,” which takes the classic BLT to new heights with dollops of avocado puree and sour cream) you won’t be able to wait to sink your teeth into.


We stopped in for dinner recently and the place was jumping. With only about 30 seats in the dining room (and maybe another 10 at the gorgeous bar), it fills up fast. But what a sight! The owners have transformed the old Piermont Pizza space into a sleek industrial-style pizzeria that still feels family friendly, thanks to whimsical pizza-themed murals on the walls, hanging lights and chalkboard-like tabletops you’re encouraged to doodle on with chalk at every table.


After a short wait, we were seated by our friendly hostess and quickly ordered up drinks—an iced tea and a Bronx Brewery Summer Ale (just one of the many craft beers available)—while we browsed the menu. Again, there are only eight pizzas to choose from, along with a few equally inventive salads, but wrapping your head around some of the topping pairings could take a while.


We started with the Heirloom Tomato Salad ($12), which was delivered to the table in a mason jar and poured into a silver bowl to be enjoyed. The generous mix of heirloom tomatoes, arugula, basil, and shaved parmegiano-reggiano dressed with balsamic was a great start to our meal.

Next up, of course, was the pizza! We wanted to try them all but managed to narrow it down to three. First was We went with a large Spinach & Artichoke ($22), which was topped with the obvious—spinach and artichoke—but also with cream cheese and Monterey jack - although we were a little skeptical of putting cream cheese on pizza, we were pleasantly surprised by the flavor.  We also went with a small “Stunad” ($8.50), which was a combo of fresh mozz and smoked tomatoes with a few dabs of “Green Sauce,” a.k.a. pesto.  The last one we ordered—and our favorite—was a small Clam Bake ($13), which was topped with four clams (in shells, one per slice), as well as corn, chopped clams, potato, dry chorizo, and garlic butter. This pie was the perfect combination of flavors with a just a touch of heat. Truly memorable!


Despit feeling full and with a few slices left on the trays, we couldn't resist indulging when our waitress asked if we’d like dessert. Curious about both options, Peach Cobbler Pie and Cinnabon Pie ($8.50 each), we went with the latter based on her recommendation. It was the perfect sweet treat to end our delicious meal.


Trust us, after a slice here, you’ll never be able to go back to plain ol’ pepperoni.


DVine Pie
453 Piermont Ave., Piermont
(845) 359-0003
Wed - Thurs: 5pm - 10pm
Fri - Sat: 5pm - 11pm
Sun: 5pm - 9pm
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