Donut Miss Tenafly’s Bread Boutique & Cafe’s Chanukah Treats

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Listen, it’s not as if you really need a reason to eat delicious fried food during Chanukah, but if you want a little history to make you feel better about grabbing that second (okay, third) sufganiyot (filled doughnuts) or latke, we can oblige:

You probably know that fried foods are customarily eaten during Chanukah in remembrance of the miracle of the oil lasting for eight days to light the temple. But it’s actually more complex than that. It has been noted that oil both penetrates and soaks into most materials but that it also rises to the top above other substances. So the oil used during Chanukah represents the teachings of the Torah penetrating and soaking into one’s being, affecting and transforming the listener. That's why latkes and then later, filled, fried doughnuts, have become traditional foods of the holiday.


Okay, we’re done dropping the knowledge. But now that we’ve made you hungry, we wanted to tell you that Bread Boutique & Café in Tenafly is amping up the Chanukah sufganiyot experience with flavors like Nutella, Lemon Meringue, Pastry Cream, Dulce de Leche, M&M, Cotton Candy, Oreo and Rainbow Sprinkle. Or, if you’re a traditionalist, they still make jelly donuts filled with strawberry jelly that are also off the hook. Stop in to see the daily selection and don’t be surprised if they’ve come up with another insane flavor on the fly.


BB&C has an assortment daily ready to grab and go. Visit the store for just one (yeah, right) or grab enough to last the entire eight days. If you want to order ahead, the minimum order is for 30 doughnuts and you’ll want to order several days in advance. They only make a certain number of sufganiyot per day and once they’ve reached their quota, that’s all there is. Or, if you’d like the sugar fix without the sugar, follow them on Instagram. We’re not kidding. These donuts will light up your life.


Bread Boutique and Café
15 West Railroad Ave, Tenafly
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