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Though it’s hard to tell from the current mid-afternoon sunset, the days are getting longer and before we know it, summer will be here, bringing beach vacations, end-of-year pool parties and invitations for swim playdates. Which means that now is a great time to put your child in swim lessons at Big Blue Swim School in Paramus, New Jersey to make sure your child can stay safe in and around the water this summer and beyond. 

Big Blue Swim School knows that swimming is both a recreational and a survival skill, essential for every child to learn for their own well-being. At Big Blue Swim School classes for ages 3 months through 12 years old teach children how to be safe, happy, confident swimmers. Their newly opened facility in Paramus, New Jersey offers an unparalleled swim lesson experience in a fun, stress-free facility that features a pool consistently heated to 90 degrees, making for a pleasant learn-to-swim experience. The facility also has a hair drying area and multiple clean changing rooms each with diaper change tables. Parents and caregivers will appreciate the viewing area that provides free Wi-Fi and comfortable seating areas where they can watch their little swimmers, get some work done, or just take a breath and unwind. 

Instructors at Big Blue Swim School are uniquely qualified to teach your little swimmers, having gone through at least 100 hours of extensive training so they can give each child the personalized experience and consistency that lead to swimming success. A small student-to-instructor ratio ensures that your child will get the attention and time in the pool they need.

The littlest swimmers (ages 3 months to 3 years) begin in the Baby Blue classes, building their comfort and confidence through fun skill-building activities and songs in the water in a tandem class with a caregiver. Toddlers ages 3 – 5 are placed in the Bright Blue classes where they focus on basic skills like submerging their faces, controlling their breathing and beginning to master the flutter kick, and then progressing to independent back float, and finally beginner backstroke and beginner freestyle. School-aged swimmers refine these skills and add to them in Bold Blue classes, building endurance, starting the butterfly & breaststroke kicks, and refining freestyle & backstroke techniques. Finally, swimmers graduate to Big Blue classes which aim to strengthen and build on existing swim skills and perfect techniques for all four strokes. Lessons are more advanced and can potentially act as swim team prep. 

Swimmers’ milestones and progress are closely tracked and can be viewed by parents in the Parent Portal or on the Big Blue Swim School app. But the best part is that, as your swimmer masters each skill, it is celebrated at Big Blue Swim School as a BIG MOMENT, helping lead kids to believe they can achieve anything in life!

Okay actually, maybe the best part is the flexible scheduling. Big Blue Swim School offers year-round, weekly swim lessons, 7 days a week. Which means parents can schedule swim lessons for all of their kids simultaneously, hooray for fewer carpools! Plus, Big Blue Swim School allows up to 15 free makeup lessons per swimmer, per year because they know that sometimes, life just doesn’t go as planned.

Want to know more? Schedule a no-risk, free trial lesson. Or, visit their website and follow them on Facebook. Your kid will gain a new skill, and you’ll gain peace of mind!

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