Dig Into the Donuts of Your Dreams at Top That! Donuts in Rutherford

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If you’re a Native New Jerseyite, you’ve surely noshed on your share of donuts from a certain national chain ... not that there’s anything wrong with that. But you’re all grown up now, so it’s time to up your donut game. Enter Top That! Donuts. Spouses Chris and Danielle Wolowitz opened their first shop in Point Pleasant in 2014 to bring their dream of owning their own business to life after their twin boys were born. The result? A community gathering place where they serve scratch-made specialty donuts that are so worth the splurge.

Think creative concoctions like the Snickers with a chocolate glaze, caramel drizzle, and crushed peanuts; the Pebbles and Bam-Bam sprinkled with Fruity Pebbles cereal, or the Cookies and Cream, coated in a vanilla glaze and covered with Oreo crumbles. There are also featured seasonal specials like the maple-glaze-and-bacon topped The Hangover and a citrus-inspired Lemon Drop iced with a lemon glaze, dusted with graham crackers, and filled with Boston Creme. Best of all? The place lets you come up with your own custom creations, choosing from dozens of toppings, and multiple fillings and glazes.


So why are we telling you about a shop down the shore? Because the adorable and delicious donut destination just got a lot more dangerous with a new location right here in Bergen County, where the owners grew up. The new Rutherford shop is just as community-oriented and family-friendly as the original, with plenty of seating and even a kids’ play area along with all of the decadent donut deliciousness of the PP shop. And don’t think we won’t use St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse to order up some green goodies in the name of celebrating. Because, oh yes, we will.

Top That! Donuts, 8 Highland Cross, Rutherford, New Jersey 07070


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