Custom Treats for all Your Fetes

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Feel like dessert is always calling your name? You’re not imagining things. From monogrammed macaroons to personalized chocolate-covered pretzels and more, these signature sweets have your name written all over them—literally!

Fatty Sundays Pretzels: If you're a "sweet-meets-salty-and-they-live-happily-ever-after" person then look no further than custom hand-dipped pretzels by Fatty Sundays. Brought to you by sister team creators Ali and Lauren, these crunchy chocolate covered pretzels in flavors like milk chocolate, white chocolate, banana cream, and toasted coconut are sold by the box.  But their Instagram reveals customization of sprinkle color and box labels that can make the perfect gift or take away. (order via Fatty Sundays' website, custom orders start at $5.49 for a box of two)

Treathouse: Aint nothin' better than a rice crispy treat, right? Actually wrong. Bite-sized treats in flavors like chocolate peanut butter and caramel sea salt take traditional rice crispies to a whole other level. Add in the fact that they can affix a logo right on top and you've got the perfect gift or giveaway for a party or event. (order via Treathouse, for custom orders call 212-799-7779)

Boomf: Printing photos on paper is so 2010. Boomf just upped that game with their custom printed MARSHMALLOWS. With an easy, click through ordering process, you can upload 9 photos from your device or computer and "boomf"- you receive 9 memorable marshmallows in 2-3 weeks time. (order via boomf, approximately $26 for 9 marshmallows, 2-3 weeks delivery time, marshmallows last for up to 6 months)

Spots NYC Cupcakes: Customize your mini cupcakes with any customized photo, logo, or personal message.  It's an easy, online process.  You choose your quantity, flavor, then fill out your order form, save it as a PDF an email it to  Just give them 48 hours to process your order.  Delivery available in Manhatten! (order via SpotsNYC, 1 dozen personalized spots for $22, 2 dozen personalized spots for $45, party favor 4 pack for $8.50) 

Heavenly Treats: We've been told that the custom cookies by Glen Rock's Heavenly Treats are out of this world (and obviously owner Nicole Morano knows a thing or two about decorating). But with just a phone call you can order up her buttery cookies in any design, and pick them up wrapped and ready to gift (or devour). (Heavenly Treats, 216 Rock Rd, Glen Rock, (201) 857-0279)

Macarons and Cookies by Woops!: As the French say "nothing beats a Macaron like a custom Macaron" (oh, wait, that was us). But all joking aside, By Woops takes their macarons seriously. The light, airy, and perfectly sweet rounds are made in flavors like Caramel Fleur de Sol and Green Tea which can be ordered plain or custom printed with your logo or favorite image. (order via By Woops or pickup at Garden State Plaza, $16 for a box of 6 unprinted, custom orders are priced based on size)

Mister Krisp: Let's just say the folks over at Mister Krisp never got over their play dough habit. So taking rice crispy treats and coloring and sculpting them into edible works of art makes us extra guilty when we're gobbling them up. (order via email to, prices based on order)

Carly's Better Bites: We always feel bad for our gluten free friends when we gab on about all the awesome sweets around. Not so with Carly's Better Bites on the scene. These little cake bites of gluten free goodness, created by 20 something year old Carly Shapiro can be customized by selecting cake flavors, chocolate flavors and toppings and sent directly to your home. (order via Carly's Better Bites website, $12 for a half dozen and $20 for a dozen)

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