Cream Bakery Opening in River Vale, NJ

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Sometimes, you just want your dessert to be reminiscent of the way things used to be. Think: classic sweets like brownies, cheesecake, and crumbcakes, without the grandeur. Just pastries that look good, and taste purely great. That's the idea behind Cream Bakery, which is opening its first retail location in River Vale, NJ this month. 


Cream Bakery owner Despina Kontomanolis's vision dates back to her 10-year-old self, when she began creating desserts that she personally really enjoyed. After her numerous side gigs baking up treats for friends and family while she worked full time in the business profession, Kontomanolis pivoted into the baked goods space, creating great-tasting desserts for wholesale clients and restaurants who didn't want mass-produced desserts.


Now, she's bringing the classics back, and opening the doors to Cream Bakery's first Bergen location. "Especially with my cakes, I'm trying to get back to the old school way of baking, while sticking to classic recipes," she said. "It's more about the quality, not the quantity. I want to make people really enjoy what they're eating." Meaning, if you're going to indulge in a delicious dessert, every bite should have maximum flavor.


Instead of focusing on fancy fondants and overly-sweet treats, cream bakery is offering traditional desserts, baked fresh every day. The shop will have a rotating seasonal assortment including brownies, blondies, and cookie bars. In the cake space, look for layer cakes, sponge cakes, tres leches cakes, and a gluten-free flourless chocolate cake. And don't miss out on their popular cheesecake flavors like cookies and cream, peanut butter chocolate chip, salted caramel, raspberry swirl, and seasonal choices like pumpkin and red velvet. Also on the menu are breakfast goodies to start your day off on a tasty note. Find muffins, scones, cinnamon buns, and monkey bread, plus a rotating menu of additional options. 


Cream Bakery has catered custom parties for years and will continue to do so, with offerings like mini-sized dessert displays along with custom cakes hand-piped with Swiss meringue buttercream. "My Greek heritage taught me that the ingredients you use really make a difference."


Cream Bakery's walk-in storefront is expected to do a soft opening in early March, with hours during Thursday-Sunday, with a grand opening to follow, making your sweet dreams a reality.

Cream Bakery
669 G Westwood Ave., River Vale 
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