Closter Plaza: Dine In Theater and More Coming Soon


By now you’ve probably checked out everything there is to see, buy, and, of course, eat at Closter Plaza, but there’s even more on the horizon at the super shopping center.


The most noteworthy new business coming soon is a CMX Cinema, part of a state-of-the-art group of theaters owned by one of the world’s largest movie theater chains, Mexico-based Cinemex. The place is all about having plenty of posh with your popcorn with laser projectors oversize upholstered reclining seats, swivel tables for food and drink, at your seat, storage space for bags (so you won’t be tempted to check your texts), USB ports at your seat (scratch the not-checking-your-text part), and even an app that lets you buy tickets – which, incidentally, come with free popcorn –  and order gourmet dishes and craft cocktails ahead of time. The chain is just starting to penetrate the U.S. market, recently launching in Miami and has already announced plans to open at the mega-mall American Dream in East Rutherford, as well. The Miami location boasts multiple bars, dining areas, TVs, and entertainment, too, so chances are the Closter theater should have the same perks. While there isn’t an official opening date yet, we hear that the place is working feverishly to open in time for the big holiday blockbuster movie season.


Also be on the lookout for Supreen, a luxe lash and wax studio in Closter NJ that’ll be situated in a comfy private studio where staffers can help you choose the perfect lash extensions to fit your mood and style, as well as an outpost of Gary's Wine & Marketplace, a small Jersey-based chain that has a killer selection of wines from around the world along with beer, liquor and gourmet goodies ranging from caviar to charcuterie. Both should be open within the next month or two so you can pop over for a beauty fix and a Bordeaux all in one trip.  

Closter Plaza, Vervalen Street, Closter, NJ

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