Bianco Nero Gelato Opening in Englewood, NJ

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With Bergen County slowly settling into a state of new normalcy and granted permission to respectfully let down our masks, there’s certainly reason to celebrate as we head into summer. First on our list, after giving long-overdue hugs to everyone we love: treating our newly liberated lips to rich and creamy handmade gelato from Bianco Nero Gelato.


Already a hit in Tel Aviv, this boutique gelato joint is opening its first location stateside right here in Englewood. And with a solid team behind it, led by co-owner and renowned gelato purveyor Doron Bensusan (who has been in the business for 30 years and supplies its premium Baci brand gelato to some of NYC’s finest restaurants), it sounds like a recipe for success.


While its name literally means “white and black,” the flavor profiles here (300 and counting in total, with 32 of them rotating in and out on the menu at any given time) are anything but ordinary. Sure, you can always get your chocolate or vanilla fix, but this place is also churning out all sorts of elevated, outside-the-cone concoctions like Sea-Salted Caramel, Dulce de Leche, Banana Nutella, Amarena Cherry, Pear Hibiscus, Cappuccino Crunch, and more, each one made on-site daily using 100% imported Italian ingredients and equipment. Finish your favorite off with one (or more) of their gourmet sauces and toppings—there’s literally a flavor here for everyone. Can’t do dairy? There’s plenty of non-dairy and vegan options as well. And everything’s certified kosher to boot!


So what else is on the menu? Oh, just mouth-watering milkshakes, thick and fluffy Belgian waffles, a curated selection of artisan chocolates, and other yummy surprises. Theres even a chocolate faucet thats sure to have the kids (and probably more than a few adults) lining up to give it a turn. Can’t wait to dig in (or just wanna spare your car’s upholstery)? Grab a seat inside or outside at one of the shop’s marble-topped brasserie-style tables and get to licking.


This place is gonna be the coolest!

Bianco Nero Gelato

18 E. Palisade Avenue, Englewood

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