Best Ice Cream Shops In Bergen County

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I scream, You scream we all scream for ICE CREAM! Hop on Bergen Mama’s Bergen County Ice Cream Crawl for our sampling of the County’s best frozen finds. (disclaimer: we are not responsible for any damage this may do to your waistline)

Shop: Conrad's Confectionery (107 Westwood Ave, Westwood, 201-664-2895, 9am-6pm, Closed Sun) 

Creation: Lemon Ice Cream Soda.

Taste Sensation: A Fizzy, Creamy, Lemony Blended Refresher- our tongues did a little dance after one sip.

Inside info: Step back in time at this old-fashioned ice cream and chocolate shop, open since 1928 which offers 14 ice cream flavors, super sundaes, shake floats, and ice cream sodas and sandwiches- everything is made in house- with special flavors offered seasonally.

Shop: Van Dyk's Ice Cream (145 Ackerman Ave, Ridgewood, 201-444-1429, 11am-9pm) 

Creation: A waffle cone with a scoop of Homemade Blueberry  and Graham Cracker Cheesecake Ice Cream.

Taste Sensation: The fact that the Blueberry Ice Cream is homemade was obvious from its bursting flavor and that combined with the Graham Cracker Cheesecake was like eating a slice of delicious frozen pie.

Inside info: This shop offers standards plus special flavors with 35 flavors to choose from, as well as sundaes and ice cream cakes.  Flavor of the summer: Cantaloupe. 

Shop: Kilwin's (637 Wyckoff Ave, Wyckoff, 201-891-4500, 11am-10pm, Coming Soon to Ridgewood!) 

Creation: Superman Ice Cream in a Waffle Bowl.  

Taste Sensation: Every part of this dessert is made by Kilwin's- right down to the Waffle Bowl. The sweet Superman Ice Cream brought out the little kid in us. All we needed was a cape for takeoff.

Inside info: The successful chain makes 40 flavors to choose from using only fresh, antibiotic free milk with seasonal flavors like pumpkin and peppermint. Plus Kilwins offers their chocolates, fudges and brittles too. Great seating if you want to hang out and linger over your treats.

Shop: Iscreamery (130 Broadway, Hillsdale, 201-383-0818, 11:30am-9pm) 

Creation: Cookies n' Cream Ice cream Stuffed Oreos...Drizzled in Chocolate

Taste Sensation: When your favorite cookie meets your favorite ice cream, it's taste bud bliss.

Inside info: 28 flavors and great value for sizes. Customers rave about the shakes and ice cream cakes too.

Shop: Bischoff's (468 Cedar Ln, Teaneck, 201-836-0333, 9am-10pm, Weekends opens at 11am) 

Creation: The Battleship Sundae

Taste Sensation: 2 flavors of your choice of ice cream, topped with pineapple, fresh strawberries, sugar wafers, chopped nuts, chocolate chips and rich whipped to say this battleship sunk our diet.

Inside info: The old-school, fun, diner-like shop offers 40 flavors of ice cream served via scoops, shakes, ice cream sodas, and sundaes. Plus tons of other goodies. Dieters go for the ice milk.

Shop: Ice Cream on Grand (523 Grand Ave, Englewood, 201-569-5346, 11am-10pm) 

Creation: A waffle cone with a scoop of Cherry Vanilla, Blueberry Sherbet, and Cotton Candy ice cream.  

Taste Sensation: It's hard to say which flavor caused it, but the outcome was food coma.

Inside info: Great quick pitstop after dinner. Offers over 30 hard ice cream flavors and vanilla and chocolate soft serve, plus sprinkles (in many colors). Portions are huge, so think twice before you order a triple scoop.

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