Bergen’s First Gelato Shop Opens with Gio’s Gelato in Franklin Lakes

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for…gelato? Yup, you heard correctly. When it comes to frozen desserts, leave the ice cream for the kids and scoop up a lovin’ spoonful of that aforementioned cool and creamy Italian treat instead. And now it’s easier than ever to do with the opening of Bergen County’s first-ever gelato shop -- Gio’s Gelato & Espresso Bar.


At Gio’s, Old World tradition meets out-of-this-world taste, thanks to owner and in-house gelato expert (can we apply for that job?) Raffaele D'Angelo’s dedication to getting the process of making it just right. While gelato is the Italian word for “ice cream,” the difference between the two is quite distinct, namely in the ratio of whole milk to cream (gelato uses more), the presence of egg yolks (gelato contains none) and the amount of fat (ice cream must have a minimum of 10 percent, while gelato contains only about half that). D’Angelo was so adamant about getting it right, he traveled all the way Rimini, Italy, and Sicily to learn the process firsthand.


The result is some of the smoothest, yummiest gelato we’ve ever tasted, and in some of the most interesting flavors as well. Twenty-four of them, in fact, including tiramisu, coffee, hazelnut, pistachio, stracciatella (an Italian classic!) and the mysteriously named Unicorn (let the kids discover what that one is all about) that go way beyond boring old chocolate and vanilla (though they offer those too). 


Before you go, be sure to pick up a free rewards punch card, which treats you to your tenth cup (medium sized or larger) FREE. Trust us, it won’t take long at before you’ll be cashing in. 


Gio’s Gelato & Espresso Bar
822 Franklin Ave., Franklin Lakes
(201) 904-2266
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