Bergen County Sushi Spot Shumi Opening in Leonia, NJ

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One popular sushi spot that carved its place in downtown Ridgewood's bustling restaurant scene is bringing its well-known omakase experience to a new Bergen County location, so get ready to take your palate on an adventure.


Shumi Japanese Cuisine is expanding its unique, fresh fish offerings and opening new doors in Leonia on February 2. While guests can expect much of the same sushi and entree offerings from the Ridgewood location, Shumi Leonia is adding some unique suprises and exclusive dining opportunities.

To begin, the award-winning restaurant is sharing its general menu reflective of Ridgewood's. Appetizers include go-tos like shumai and tempura, along with unique items like Otoro Salad (grilled blue fin tuna belly) and salmon mozzarella. Entreés feature standard — yet delicious — teriyaki choices, while rolls like the lobster roll and Shumi roll (think: spicy tuna, caramelized spicy mayo, eel sauce, ebi, and crunch) are beautifully wrapped and served. Noodle lovers will enjoy their flavorful Ramen options including Miso and Soy Sauce.


The magic and mystery, however, lie in Shumi Leonia's new private omakase room that can seat up to nine people. The menu will be a departure from its sister spot, while serving chef's choice of the freshes fish and ingredients. Hot appetizers like seared wagu beef will be enjoyed throughout, along with sushi and sashimi including Hokkaido uni, Otoro salmon belly, monkfish liver, and yellow clam. The omakase experience is sandwiched between a starter course of soup and Japanese custard, and the final course of ramen. This VIP experience perfected by owner David Seo and Master Chef Kunihiko Aikasa aims to make every guest feel special while tickling your taste buds.

The sleek, modern design of the upscale open dining room includes an 18-person sushi bar, plus tables to seat about 42 (with the ability to accommodate a few more tables if the need arises). You'll be surrounded by a bright yet simplistic design that offers plenty of room — much more than the current Ridgewood space — without feeling cramped or crowded. 


As the opening date for Shumi in Leonia quickly approaches, snag your reservation as they're sure to fill up quickly.

Shumi Leonia
354 Broad Ave., Leonia
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