Dine and Dash at American Dream

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So you’ve decided to stay local over Spring Break this year. Sure, it’s nice to travel, but what is a vacation except a bed of unpredictable firmness, a few fun activities, and some good meals you don’t have to cook or clean up by yourself. Good news! American Dream in East Rutherford, New Jersey has your back (or, in the case of the bed firmness, your back’s back) with tons of things to do that will keep the whole family entertained, and a dining experience for everyone no matter what they’re hungry for. Best of all, you’ll be home in time to get a great night’s sleep.

Let’s start with the full service restaurant options at American Dream. Whether you’re looking for small plates with cheese taking center stage (Mozzarella Bar), authentic food that tastes like home at Szechuan Opera, Carpaccio, House of QUE, or JARANA, a unique self-service wine bar experience at Vinoteca, beer choices for days at Yard House, mouth-watering comfort food at Around the Clock diner and Mr. Beast Burger, communal dining at its best at Little Sheep Hot Pot, or the unforgettable feeling of being a guest in the kitchen of one of the top chefs in the world at Marcus (Samuelsson) Live! you and your family can sit back, relax, and let someone else do all the work for you. 

When you want to grab a quick bite to fuel you for even more shopping and fun, American Dream offers something for every palate. Choose from pizza, burgers, poke, barbeque, falafel, curry, and EatalIIa Joy offers homemade sauces like your Nonna makes. You’ll find all this and more throughout the mall and at the Coca-Cola Food Court.  Plus, American Dream features restaurants that adhere to kosher food preparation standards, and places for you to take a break from the activity and revive with coffee and dessert. 

For a one of a kind experience, make your trip to American Dream feel like a visit to a carnival, and stop by Deep Fried Love for fried everything, including Twinkies, cheesecake, Snickers, and cookie dough. If you’re craving savory, grab a corn dog or fried mac and cheese, wash it down with their signature lemonades, then hop on board the Dream Wheel to enjoy your snack while taking in the sights from an unbeatable vantage point 300 ft in the air. 

Your day at American Dream can feel like a culinary trip around the world, but if you want it to feel even more like a getaway, plan to enjoy one of the attractions they’ve become famous for with a visit to Nickelodeon Universe, the Dreamworks water park, the skating rink, Big Snow ski mountain, and mini golf, to name a few. To sweeten the deal, register now to win a Dream Spring Break getaway package that includes 4 Dream Pass tickets, a 2 night hotel stay, and an American Dream gift card worth $500.

Go ahead and plan your trip, make sure you come hungry and enjoy every second of your visit. But then, just like Dorothy, at the end of your epic day, you can breathe a sigh of relief, click your heels and say, “There’s no place like home.”

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