ADHD, Autism and Learning Disabilities Can Derail Your Kids Learning Here’s Where to Go (dedicated)

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If you’re a parent of a child with ADHD, learning disabilities, processing disorders, sensory issues, Asperger’s or Autism, you know how heart-wrenching it is to watch your child struggle with learning and behavior. It’s easy to get frustrated when no matter how much extra help your child has been getting, they’re still falling behind.

Brain Balance Achievement Center gets calls from parents every day who feel like they’ve tried everything—but the Brain Balance Program is different. It’s a non-medical, drug-free program that focuses on physical, academic, behavioral and nutritional improvement. They use physical exercises and sensory stimulation in a way that is progressively challenging. Basically, it’s like an intensive brain boot camp that creates change in the way your child’s brain connections form and communicate. The program focuses on getting all the different systems to work together for better whole brain function: the auditory system, the visual system, the motor system, balance and coordination, and rhythm and timing for optimal brain processing.  

Kids become stronger and better physically coordinated first, which translates to better self-regulation, improved executive functioning, better behavior, better academics, better socialization. In short, they behave better, make more friends and get better grades.  


Children usually attend the program for one hour, three days a week for an average of about six months, and they have fun! The kids feel more like they’re in a gym than a school, thanks to the talented staff who is energetic and has an incredible ability to motivate children.

If you’ve been struggling for years trying the same thing over and over with little success, or you’re a parent just starting to see issues with your child and want to get a handle on things right away before they fall behind in school, call Brain Balance for an assessment. Assessments include sensory, motor and academic testing designed to identify areas of the brain that might have a development delay, which can lead to an imbalance or functional disconnection. Upon completion of the assessment, you’ll be provided with a detailed report of your child’s results, which help Brain Balance create a fully individualized program addressing your child's specific challenges. But after your initial assessment, you’re under no obligation to continue with the program.

Stop by their Open House on Saturday, February 3 from 2 - 3pm where you and your children can visit the center, meet the staff and receive a free reading screening and eye tracking evaluation for your child.

For more information, visit the Brain Balance website here.

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