A Bomb Bagel Store Just Opened in Bergen County

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Boy, do we love bagels. We always have. Crispy or chewy, plain or poppy seeded, but always sliced, with a schmear of cream cheese. Was there ever a more perfect way to start the day? Then one day, out of the blue, came the criticisms. Gluten! Cholesterol! Carbs! And just like that, our beloved breakfast bastion—and all bread, for that matter—became bad news.  

But not anymore, if Harvest Bagel Co. has anything to say about it. Armed with time-honored baking techniques, innovative recipes, top-quality ingredients (and maybe a few tricks of the trade up their sleeve), this River Vale upstart has made it its mission to bring the bagel back to its rightful place at the breakfast table.


The brains behind this bagel revolution, Bergen County natives Matt Berry and George Bedoya, knew the last thing New Jersey need was another boring bagel store. So they set out to make a better-for-you bagel. One that was all natural, organic, and steeped in tradition. To that end, they assembled a team of seasoned bagel artisans with decades of baking experience, who create each and every one the old-fashioned way—from (mostly) locally sourced ingredients to the wooden boards, rolling, proofing, poaching, seeding, and baking. The results are bagels that are off-the-charts chewy, delicious, and loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals.


And as for boring, well, Harvest Bagel gave that the boot, too. From classic favorites to their signature Harvest bagel that’s jam-packed with nine nutritious grains to gluten-free options to fun new flavors like French toast—not to mention a slew of schmear-worthy house-made cream cheese and specialty spreads—there’s always something new to savor. There’s even a build-your-own-bagel option that’ll blow your mind!

It’s official: the bagel is back!

Harvest Bagel Company
187 Rivervale Road, River Vale
(201) 664-5444
Mon – Fri: 6am – 4pm
Sat: 7am – 3pm
Sun: 7am – 2pm
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