9 Things to Check Off Your Bucket List Before Summer Ends

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Alright people! We’ve got just about a week and a half left and this summer will be in the books. We know you’ve turned your thoughts toward haircuts and school supplies and booking that spa appointment for just after first day of school drop off, but you should also plan to have a little fun, maybe make one last memory or two before the fall activities and homework start up again. Here are 7 Things to Check Off Your Bucket List Before Summer Ends in and around Bergen County, NJ. 


Eat Ice Cream: We know you can still eat ice cream after summer ends. But there’s something special about an early evening ice cream run when you don’t have to rush back for baths and bedtime. Grab a decadent, instagrammable ice cream creation at one of these Best Ice Cream Spots in Bergen County NJ, or just get some really great flavor at Gio’s Gelato in Franklin Lakes or Ice Cream by Mike in Ridgewood.  


Go Climb a Tree: Figuring out that fall carpool schedule is going to be a challenge so you’re yourself some preseason practice by testing yourself on a ropes course and/or zip line. If you can fly down a zip line at top speed, you can definitely figure out how to be at soccer drop off and dance pick up at exactly the same time. Mountain Creek, the Bronx ZooTurtleback Zoo and Diggerland all have adventure courses that are worth the trip. 


Get Outta Here: Surprise the fam with a day or weekend trip out of town. Head to the beach, the Hudson Valley, Hershey Park, or just go spend a day outside hanging around some really great art. You’ll return refreshed and ready to tackle that summer reading and book report that seemed so doable back in June. 



Set a Goooooaaaal: Remember 100 years ago back in July when a certain soccer match had you and your kids riveted to the TV on a Sunday morning? Well those same impressive women came back to the US and, wait for it, started playing soccer again. And you can see them. The Sky Blue and Red Bulls schedules run through October.


Pop Up Around Town: You don’t have time for one last getaway but you do have a day to fill. Thank goodness for pop-ups. There are some super cool ones all around town. Here are a few to consider: 

Ocean Dreams at Sony Square: Use the ocean as a theme to cultivate your creativity and STEM cred

Museum of Illusions: Explore the amazing world of illusions. You won’t believe your eyes!

Color Factory: Participatory installations that celebrate the colors of the city

Ocean Cube: Spend an afternoon under the sea. But without the snorkel gear.

Super Real: A visceral, multimedia experience that takes you from the Real to the SuperReal.

Pixinity: A futuristic wonderland of fun.

What’s Ya Zodiac?: An interactive pop-up with 12 rooms that represent the signs of the zodiac

The Void Star Wars VR Experience: A whole body, fully immersive experience


Go Jump In a Lake: What we know is that sooner than we’d like, it’ll be too cool for swimming. So enjoy it while you can and also indulge in one of the latest trends – inflatable water parks.

Or, grab a kayak and go for a paddle


Get Festive: There is plenty of celebrating still to be done. Spend a day at one of these fun festivals in the great outdoors. 

Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Festival: Great music followed by fireworks

New York Renaissance Faire: Huzzah! They’re back! Enjoy a day of jousting and shows and food on sticks. 

Festival of Lights: It’s a street fair capped off with a lighted boat parade and fireworks


Channel Your Inner Flower Child: Soon enough, we'll be faced with short days and bare trees. But right now, we've still got color and light and flowers. Celebrate the sunshine with a visit to a Sunflower Farm (and get lost in the largest sunflower maze on the East coast while you're at it!).


Bug Out: In the interest of science and because you maybe didn't make your kids read as much as they should/could have this summer and now you're trying to compensate, plan a trip to Insectropolis. Your kids (and you!) will learn all sorts of interesting things about beautiful, bizarre and exotic bugs from all over the world. Plus, you'll get bragging rights for the educational day trip!


BONUS: Take a Moment: It all goes so fast. And even though you’re probably ready to get everyone back into school and into a routine, take a moment to step outside at sunset and listen to the cicadas and catch fireflies. Or to examine the last of summer’s flowers with your curious kiddos. Or sit quietly and remember all the fun you had these past few months. Enjoy every second!

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