These Sunflower Farms in NJ are Family Photo Gold

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Even with the newest apps and filters, it can take up to 50 attempts to get one Instagram-worthy shot of the kids. (And get those little wiggle worms to stand still and smile.) But one thing is certain- a gorgeous setting helps a lot! Enter Sunflower season and the very good news that NJ is home to some of the prettiest Sunflower Farms. So we rounded up our favorite Sunflower Farms in NJ, just grab the fam, your phone or camera and GO!

At Stony Hill Sunflower Farm, their annual Sunflower Festival gives guests 2.5 acres of gorgeous stems to roam in, shoot photos in and cut stems from to take home. Insecure about your point and shoot skills or want to be in the photos with the kiddos? Take advantage of their Sunflower Mini Sessions which provide a photographer to capture your family in their best light. (Stony Hill Sunflower Farm, Sunflower Festival dates August 11th/12th, details and directions here)



Here's a little known fun fact: NJ is home to the largest Sunflower maze on the east coast. With over 1.5 million sunflowers and 3 miles of trails, the Sussex County Sunflower Maze at Liberty Farm should definitely earn a spot on your hit list this summer. This pet friendly spot allows guests to shoot photos, pick your own and also includes the maze, a scavenger hunt and a build your own scarecrow contest. Want something different from the typical photos? The farm also has special dates for "Sunrise Shoots" and "Milky Way Shoots" too! (August 24th through September 15th, Sussex Sunflower Maze at Liberty Farm, Sandyston NJ, details and directions here)

Donaldson Farms offers 10 acres of Sunflowers that you can enjoy via their scheduled tours. Each tour includes a Hayride which stops for optimal photo ops, games for kids and a chance to purchase Donaldson's gorgeous stems. The stunning farm also offer special Sunset Photography Events and private bookings based on availability. (Reservations must be made in person and season begins mid September, learn more about Donaldson Farms in Hackettstown, NJ here)

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