10 Killer Workouts You Should Try Now

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If the mere thought of enduring one more treadmill slog makes you want to burn your Nikes and Lululemons in the patio fire pit, back away from the windproof lighter and rejoice… You have been granted free access* to 10 of the hottest fitness classes being featured at health clubs in Bergen.

How’s that for lighting a fire under your butt?

Aerial Yoga at TribeBody in Ramsey: Calling all serious yogis- Anyone who caught Pink’s performance at the 2010 Grammy’s knows that this yoga workout in a silk swing is just as challenging as it is fun and beautiful to watch.  Instructor Toni Chianetta’s no judgment policy makes it an easy class to try (even for us beginners).  Also check out:  the studio’s full array of dance/fitness classes led by Tracy Flaherty and sweat to a beat. (Tribe Body, 25 North Spruce Street, Ramsey 201-818-3007)

Boot Camp at Xtreme Fitness in Norwood: Tom Jimenez’s hard core training gym and boot camp is set in a huge industrial space, complete with large garage doors that are kept open, weather permitting.  You don’t have to think here.  Just follow his marine core drills (complete with rhetoric) which vary by day and join the hundreds of other devotees that have transformed their bodies with a simple commitment of time. (Xtreme Fitness, 55 Walnut Street, Norwood)

AdrenalinePlus at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades:  Kimani Greene packs weight training and step into this maximum-intensity cardio sculpt class at the sleek and modern updated fitness center at the J.  The “plus” = heart thumping music.  Arrive early for the morning classes, lines form fast.  OFFERING 3 FREE CLASSES (Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, 411 East Clinton Ave, Tenafly, 201-569-7900)

CARDIOLATES® at Callanetics & Pilates Studio, Inc.:  Trampolines make us smile.  And apparently they make for a darn good workout too.  Rebound to get the cardio benefits and postural strength while engaging your core.  (Callanetics & Pilates Studio, Inc, 10 Jay Street, Tenafly, 201-567-7571)

PILOXING® at CoolHotYoga:  Pilates meets boxing at this cardio-based interval training workout started by Los Angeles based founder Viveca Jensen.  You think 1.5lb weights can’t exhaust a muscle?  Well think again, as you grab the custom PILOXING® gloves to use for upper cuts and arm work which will have you coming back for round two.  (CoolHotYoga, 32 Piermont Road, Cresskill, 201-349-5834)

Combat Camp at Volt Fitness:  Ever feel like kicking your instructor in the gut?  Well, you can at this interval circuit workout where trainer/boxer Mike Lefevre (clothed in protective gear) encourages participants to give him swift side kicks during this boxing style program where you practice everything from throwing jabs to jumping rope with lots of personal attention (Volt Fitness, 566 S. Broad Street, Glen Rock, 201-857-3800)

Teen Tower Pilates at Jumping Frog Pilates:   We’re not sure if it’s Michele Obama’s initiative to fight obesity or if it’s the constant “does my butt look big?” question from your 17 year old, but teen workouts are hot.  Send your mini-me off for toning, posture and core strength to the Teen class which uses the Pilates Tower for the younger set.  (Jumping Frog Pilates, 145 Piermont Road, Tenafly, 201-266-6989)

Hatha Yoga at Hatha in Haworth: You have probably driven by the Sadhu Vaswani Center in Closter 100 times without knowing that Hatha Yoga is actually being practiced there.  Well, certified instructor and yogi Sue Cohen could very well be inside, working with clients of all levels in 90 minute classes where participants can take their own pace while focusing on movements and breath. (Hatha in Haworth, 494 Durie Avenue, Closter, 201-519-1370)

Kick Boxing at Fuel Fitness: Kicking and Punching Combos with trainer Lauren kicked our butts but left us wanting more- also a great place to get out some of that pent up aggression you’ve been carrying around.  (Fuel Fitness, 103 N. Summit Street, Tenafly, 201-816-3835)

Bar Method at the Bar Method: Let your muscles shake when you push them to and get a smile and nod from your instructor in this class held at the ballet barre.  But become a devotee and look for a lifted seat and tight quads and core.  (Bar Method, 525 N. Dean Street, Englewood, 201-567-6006)

Now don’t just stand there, bust a move!

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