Kids Summer Hot List


Fact: Kids love when you buy them stuff. And that goes double when said kids are at camp and haven’t had access to your wallet for several weeks. These days, EG Socks and a tin of Planter’s Cheez Balls just won’t cut it.  Be the mama with the mostest by showing up on visiting day bearing the gifts your campers are craving and get ready to hear your favorite response:  “OMG! Mom, you’re the best!”
(We know. You’re welcome.)

Silly Bandz are so 2010.  Fast forward one summer to the hottest trend in kids’ wrist wear with “Braced-lets”, created by two NYC orthodontists using actual metal braces.  ($5.50, Available at Marcia’s Attic For Kids, 29 North Dean Street, Englewood)

Cookie Cakes and Pizza pretty much sum up our kids favorite eats.  So we guess that a customized cookie cake in a pizza box is doubly yummy.  ($25, Available at Celebrity Kids, 18 Washington Street, Tenafly)

Bring your fashion starved tween a pair of blinged out Havanaias from Dini’s LA.  Go with hearts or flowers for girly girls or skulls for your rocker chick.  Feeling creative?  Design your own.  (Starting at $43, Available on-line at Dini’s Los Angeles. BERGEN MAMA Special:  Use discount code bergenmama at checkout for 10% Off your purchase and Free Shipping)

Your little baller will love shooting hoops with this custom airbrushed basketball which can also be a reminder of his summer fun during the year ($35 from,, 212-600-0266, allow 1 ½ weeks for delivery)

Go “Native” on footwear with Hip hop’s answer to Crocs: waterproof, washable and odor resistant slip-ons in great colors.  (Native’s Miller Shoe, starting at $34, Available at Packer Shoes, 941 Teaneck Road, Teaneck or on-line at

Custom tubes of guilt-less popcorn in camp colors are fun for everyone in the bunk to share. ($18 from, 212-600-0266, allow 1 ½ weeks for delivery)

Now if only getting them to write was this easy.

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