Oh the Place They’ll Grow! (Dedicated E-mail)


As high school seniors prepare to take that next step towards adulthood, their parents no doubt shed a nostalgic tear reflecting back to when it all began: the first day of preschool. How excited and anxious mother and child both were to meet the teachers, make new friends and cross the threshold of that important milestone. Seeing these once wee ones standing proud in their cap and gowns, the importance of the right foundation for growth and learning becomes clear.

First Presbyterian Preschool and Kindergarten gets that, believing that the seeds of a child’s early learning experiences must be nurtured with care and compassion. Since its inception 50 years ago, the program has strived to achieve a balance between play and academics. A kid-run muffin bake sale, for example, offers an engaging way to introduce math and the value of money.

One size does not fit all at FPPK. All religious affiliations are welcome and all holidays are celebrated and treasured. Children are invited to explore their interests through a variety of innovative activities including Music Appreciation, Mini Masters Art, Drama, Science, Social Studies, Reading Readiness, interactive Math, Movement, Education and Culinary Exploration.

Forget kicking parents to the curb. FPPK is a cooperative program, allowing moms and dads the opportunity to witness their child’s learning and peer interaction in real time instead of during the car ride home. And the kids aren’t the only ones making friends. Participating in this program opens the doors for moms to make lifelong friendships too – which means you’ll have lots of shoulders to cry on during your own child’s graduation.

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First Presbyterian Pre-School & Kindergarten
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