It’s In the Bag


“Do you Bitzue?”
“We Bitzue.” 
“And cousin Jake?” 
“Yeah, he’s Bitzuing too.” 
“Sophie Bitzued for her sweet sixteen, and Brendan Bitzued for his Bar Mitzvah.” 
I feel so bad for Maddie, she doesn’t even know how to Bitzue yet…

Before you get left out of the latest trend in gift giving, you better brush up on your Bitzue.

The newly launched site was developed by Susie Rodney, a mother of three who wanted to take the stress out of her kids’ birthdays and other momentous occasions. So she designed the first FREE, easy-to-use, online gift registry and thank you note system created specifically for the younger set.

The process is simple.  On Bitzue, kids first personalize an electronic Bitzue “Bag” and stuff it with the gifts they want – including toys, games, books, music, movies, video games, electronics and sports equipment for any occasion.  They can also open a “Bitzue Bank” for tactful requests of cash to be used for a special gift, trip or charity.  Then kids or their parents share a link to that personalized bag or bank with family and friends via email announcements, Facebook, or printed cards, allowing relatives and friends to view and order the desired gift items requested through Bitzue.  That way, your child gets exactly what they want, eliminating the need for returns or exchanges.

Oh, and once the youngster has reaped his spoils, getting thank you notes out is a breeze- requiring just a few taps on the keyboard. 

It’s a Bitzue-per.


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