Yoga Poses to De-Stress from Top Bergen County Yoga Instructors

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Downward Dog not doing it for you anymore when it comes to de-stressing during this year’s holiday rush? We sat down in Lotus Pose with some of Bergen County’s most enlightened yoga masters to find out their go-to positions to achieve inner peace.  

Thara Natalie: Owner and Instructor Fireshaper Tenafly
Sleeping Pigeon Pose: I have extremely tight hips so this posture isn't always easy for me but there is something so relieving when I just hold the posture and breathe into the discomfort. It does eventually start to melt away and it’s so satisfying when I can see the changes over time. When fully relaxed with your forehead down you are also massaging your pineal gland which is fantastic for stress, anxiety and depression. The deep belly breathing that comes with this posture is so soothing. I do this posture in the morning to help me open for the day or also at night if I'm feeling tight or stressed from a long day. 
Catherine Byron: Yoga instructor U Yoga Wyckoff

Fish Pose: I find Fish Pose to be a very grounding back bend. After a long day of hunching forward I find the upper thoracic and cervical extension in this posture to be both meditative and therapeutic.

Leslie Corren: Yoga Instructor at Home Yoga Mahwah and The Gym Montvale
Childs Pose: Child pose calms the body and mind and relieves stress and fatigue. This is a resting pose that allows us to ground down, turn inside and really breath into the back body. This restorative pose gently stretch and opens the hips, thighs, ankles and releases tension in the back, shoulders and chest, all while lengthening and stretching the spine. This pose is good for whenever you need to feel grounded or take a break. It’s nice in the evening when you’re starting to wind down.
Patti Lewis: Yoga Instructor at BambooMoves, Cool Hot Yoga, UYoga and Powerflow
Full Body Side Stretch: I recommend this pose as a precursor to meditation or post meditation.  It is a way to gently stretch out and lengthen the body.  I practice this first thing in the morning or following a particularly, long stressful day, its an excellent way to release tension and bring calm to the mind and the body.
Jody Domerstad: Instructor at Powerflow
Sukhasana: My go to pose is called Sukhasana. The word even means joyful space pose. I use this pose daily and sometimes multiple times through out the day to help me turn away from the outside stimulus and business of the world and find a calm peaceful place within.




Kass Visokey: Yoga Instructor at Fireshaper and Powerflow Yoga
Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall): Viparita Karani is my favorite pose to reset my mind and my body.  It is a restorative and relaxing pose as well as a gentle inversion. This pose offers many therapeutic benefits, eases stress and anxiety, helps alleviate menstrual cramps, provides gentle stretching for the low back and hamstrings, and it ultimately creates peace of mind that we can all use during this holiday season. This pose can be done just about anywhere you can lie down and raise your legs above your heart. Whether you have 60 seconds or 10 minutes, settle into this pose to feel rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to take on the joy of this season!
Caryn Knapp: Yoga Instructor Fireshaper
Urdhva Dhanurasana, Upward Bow Pose (Wheel Pose): This pose provides a natural source of energy to the body thus helping you destress from the insanity during this time of year.  This pose can also help you enjoy the spirit and joy of the holiday too!   So many poses are calming, but this is a little like a pick me up or a natural caffeine boost which can also be really beneficial when you are stressed out.  This pose has two variations  - one with with hands and feet in full extension (Upward Bow Pose - aka Wheel Pose) or with hands clasped and elbows down (Upward Facing Two-Foot Staff Pose)
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