Xtreme Energy Play Space in Englewood is Fun for All Ages [dedicated]

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever had this problem – you take your kids to a play space and either the activities are too babyish for your big kids and they’re bored, or the activities are too advanced for your little kids and you spend the entire time climbing into spaces not meant for adults, to retrieve a child who is stuck and afraid. Sound familiar? Then there’s good news. Xtreme Energy , a new play space in Bergen County, has just opened in Englewood and they have solved all your problems. 

Xtreme Energy was opened by parents who needed a space that was not so big that you constantly lost your kids and not so small that everything felt crowded all the time. They also wanted to provide parents with a play space that could accommodate toddlers all the way up to pre-teens. They have succeeded.

Kids ages 2-10 will love the leveled playscape where the little ones can play on the lower levels and the bigger kids will feel challenged and entertained at the higher levels. The same is true of the rock climbing wall, the ropes course and the ninja warrior course. There is also a Trampoline Trak (velcro suit included) and VR games that include a 360 degree roller coaster and adventures that range from Star Wars to unicorns with everything in between.   

Kids also love the ball pit with small slides and pool floats and the foam pit with larger slides. And for those who hear ball pit and immediately start to bathe in Purell, rest assured. The friendly, attentive staff works hard to ensure that the balls are kept in the pit and everything is clean and sanitary. In fact, they have a ball pit cleaning machine that they use regularly because they totally get it. They're parents too!

Right, so kids will be entertained for hours, but what are their parents supposed to do? Well, the dreams of parents everywhere have been answered with a café that operates in partnership with La Promenade in Tenafly and offers food options that include healthy salads, protein packs, sandwiches like a smoked salmon baguette and a vegetable ciabatta, and yummy kid food like chicken fingers, pizza, sliders and pasta. A coffee bar and pastries are also available. 

An interactive sensory development section will be opening soon and classes (including superhero classes) for all ages will start soon as well. Birthday parties are booking now and birthdays at Xtreme Energy are all-inclusive, providing everything from high end paper goods to dreamy cakes to themed decorations, candy carts and more. 


Xtreme Energy is open daily from 9:00am-6:30pm. For more information, to purchase admission tickets or to learn more about birthday parties and upcoming activities, please visit the website. And don't forget to visit the Bergen Mama Insiders Facebook group for a very special offer just for Bergen Mama Insiders.


Xtreme Energy
250 South Van Brunt, Englewood
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