Why Tots Thrive at Temple Sinai Preschool in Bergen County (dedicated)

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When kids are young, they learn lots of important life skills like how to use a spoon, tolerate baths, and be nice to mommy before she’s had her coffee. OK, maybe that last one is wishful thinking, but they’re constantly learning and soaking up the world around them. At Temple Sinai Early Childhood Education Center, they believe toddlerhood is also the ideal time to begin socialization, independence and future school readiness,  in an environment that is warm and nurturing.  The children also learn an appreciation for Shabbat and holidays.

At Temple Sinai’s Early Childhood Center (ECC), which has been working with kids in Tenafly and Englewood for over 40 years, the staff is super-proud of their NAEYC accreditation that shows they’ve met strict health, safety, and security standards. The classrooms are large and bright which is great because there’s nothing worse than dropping your kid off in a basement classroom on a dreary winter morning, am I right?

Toddler/Parent classes, for kids who are 12 months of age (and walking) and their caregivers, are guided by teachers that lead discussions on common topics like sleep problems, healthy eating, where to find babysitters, etc.

The Transitional 2s class, for kids who are not quite 2 by October 15th, allows a caregiver to stay in class until the child is ready to begin the separation process, which usually happens after about 4 or 5 months.

Kids who are 24 months by October 15th, join the 2 Year Olds class and transfer from their caregivers to their teachers in a nurturing environment in the first few weeks of school.

In the 3 Year Old program, kids work in groups, take turns, share, lead, follow, and learn to respect their teachers and friends. 

Pre K classes are full of busy kids as they experiment with math, science, writing, art, dramatic play, and reading. Field trips to Bergen PAC and Tenafly Nature Center enrich their education and the kids leave the program feeling secure, confident, and ready for kindergarten.

All the kids have daily additional fun activities such as sports, music, and yoga. The after-school enrichment programs for the 3s and 4s even offer ceramics, woodworking, dance, tennis, art, and soccer.

So come in for a looksee, the staff will be proud to show off their classes!

Temple Sinai of Bergen County
One Engle Street, Tenafly


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