What Kind of Car Driver Are You? Town Motors Caters to Moms in Bergen County NJ (dedicated)

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We don’t just love our cars, we depend on them since they’re charged with getting us and our families, well everywhere. When it’s time to look for a new one, we’re often overwhelmed by the choices and which models with which features in which styles are best for us. In case you need a little assistance in the Help! I need a new car category, we turned to three top-notch dealerships in Englewood – Town Audi, Subaru of Englewood, and Town Motors Porsche – for advice. These guys have been in the biz for decades, are super service-oriented and are all about making customers’ lives easier by hooking you up with the best vehicle for your needs. Ready to figure out which car’s a fit for you? Look no further than our first official guide to your ride: Just match your mom style up with the choices below and get ready to drive off into the Garden State sunset.


The Total Newbie Mom

This mom is just getting her parenting footing after welcoming baby number one and isn’t quite ready to get into a full-on mommy mobile ... yet. She wants a  good-looking ride that will be equally perfect for date nights, girls’ nights, and all the outings with the baby in between .... including all that glittery new gear she just got. She’s just starting to realize that, yes, that tiny little person takes up a whole lotta’ room.

Pairs With: Audi Q5

This stylish SUV is perfectly sized in between huge and too small – but is still big enough to cart baby, groceries, hubby, and even Fido (who’s still getting used to be being a big sibling) – around for hours. The interior is super sleek and the groovy infotainment screen allows for easy toggling between NPR and Raffi.

The Mom Who Does It All

This mom to three (or more!) kids appears to have it all down to a perfect science ... well, most of the time anyway. The afterschool run is her jam and she color coordinates drop-offs, pickups, snack schedules, school projects, and study groups on her trusty spreadsheet. Need her to fill in last-minute at a PTA meeting? No problem. Is another mom running late? She’ll pick up little Johnny without batting a perfectly curled lash. 

Pairs With: The Subaru Ascent

This new seven-seat crossover SUV, slated to be unveiled later this year, still has a lot of its details under wraps, but expect three rows of seats, a turbo-charged engine and a good-looking alternative to the mini-van, all perfect for this mom whose car seems to always be as full as her schedule.

The Second Shift Mom

This mom is way beyond the omg-I-can’t-leave-their-side-for-one-second phase. The kiddos are old enough to be independent and now it’s all about having fun and taking care of herself. She might be meeting pals in the city, traveling for a weekend jaunt, or heading for her daily workout. Whatever the plan, she wants a car as chic and sexy as she is these days.

Pairs With: Porsche Panamera 

It’s a bit of a splurge, but totally worth it. This luxury sports car is elegantly designed, handles the road really well (because remember, driving can actually be super enjoyable when little ones aren’t screaming over each other and tossing pieces of puffed cereal at your head from the backseat) but remains comfortable, and while it’s far from an SUV, it’s still a four-door so she can pile a couple of kids in the back if she needs to. For sure, this one’s a head-turner ... just like her.

Town Audi
400 South Dean Street, Englewood
(877) 642-4905

Subaru of Englewood
135 South Dean Street , Englewood
(877) 460-0730

Town Motors Porsche
105 Grand Avenue, Englewood

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