Welcome to Bergen Mama’s Habitat

We’re all trying to adjust to an ever-changing new normal that involves more time at home than ever before. And whether you’ve always been an early-to-bed homebody or have historically had a filled-to-the-brim daily social schedule, you’ve likely learned to appreciate the comforts of home a little more over the last eight months (even while dreaming of jetting off on an international trip or just being back in your favorite hot yoga class again).


Now, as the pandemic continues to forge ahead and the weather turns cold -- making outdoor activities tougher to come by -- we’ll all likely be spending even more time  hunkering down at home. To help you live your best life this winter, we’re launching Habitat, Bergen Mama’s latest and greatest, completely revamped ‘Home Stuff’ tab focused on sharing helpful, locally sourced content that you can easily put to real-life use at home.

We’ll be tapping experts of all kinds from around Bergen County to share their expertise on everything from cooking a healthy dinner to reinventing your living space to training your stubborn pup to choosing a delicious wine without breaking the bank. (Yes please!) We’re grateful for our amazing Bergen Mama community and we’re hoping that Habitat will provide inspirational, uplifting, and interesting ideas to get the most out of our ever-changing lives at home. Here’s to Habitat! 

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