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Admit it, you too have rolled your eyes while watching an episode of "House Hunters" when the prospective buyer says something like, "I love this kitchen but I hate the wall color." Because you're like, "Well, just paint it. The house has good bones." But then you sort of wondered, is wall color a deal breaker for some home buyers? What should a seller consider before putting their house on the market? If you're planning to sell your house, or if you're just curious what it would take to get your house sale-ready, sign up for the next Selling and Staging Virtual Master Class offered by Stacy Esser Group (SEG) Realty.


The next time this exclusive SEG seminar will be presented is on Tuesday, September 20th, at 7 pm. Register for this session here and you'll learn how to stage and style your house to attract buyers, the biggest mistake sellers make, pricing strategies, and more.


What's that? You want to get a head start? Okay, overachiever, here are 5 Tips for Staging and Styling Your House to Get Top Dollar:


1. First Impressions Matter. Go outside, stand on the sidewalk in front of your house, and look, really look at your house. Now put yourself in the mind of your buyer and imagine their first impression when they pull up outside. If your response is more "Ew" then "Wow," consider what small changes you can make to turn their frown upside down. Can you weed, mow or trim your yard and landscaping? Wash the windows and front door? Add some color to your garden beds? Even these little tweaks can make a big difference.


2. Do the deep clean. You can't remember the last time you paid attention to the bathroom grout, the floor molding, your light fixtures, shower heads, or ceiling fans? Now's the time – cleaning's not just for springtime. Pick a weekend day, recruit some willing (or not-so-willing) volunteers and scrub your house until it shines.


3. Declutter and depersonalize. Yes, your collection of cookie jars is darling. No, you should not leave them out for your buyers to see. Yes, it's terrific that you have seating for your entire book club in your family room. No, you should not have so many chairs that buyers can't move without stubbing their toes. Yes, your kids are cute. No, you should not have a gazillion photos of them cluttering every surface. Yes, that puce wall really shows your style. No, it doesn't help the buyer imagine themselves living in your house. Yes, it is really hard to think of this house not being your house. But yes, you still have to. You don't have to paint every wall or put away every photo. You do have to give buyers the space to see your house as their future home. And yes. You do need to put those extra chairs away.


4. Use good sense. You've cleaned and you've decluttered so the house looks good. But how does it smell? Now's the time to make sure all evidence of your pets is temporarily removed, especially their odors. This is also not the time to mess with the thermostats. Make sure the temperature in your house is comfortable. Your goal is to have zero people walk in and comment that your house is either "stuffy" or "like an icebox."


5. Don't make big changes until you consult with a real estate agent. You might not have to replace the carpet, paint the kitchen cabinets, or install a new sink in the master bathroom. In fact, most buyers would rather make their own choices about fixtures and colors rather than having to pay a premium for new items that aren't their style.


Stacy Esser and her team will offer free valuations for any Bergen Mama readers living in Bergen County. Just mention Bergen Mama when you call to schedule an appointment. Plus, check out Bergen Mama's Instagram on Tuesday, September 13th for a special SEG Realty giveaway! So, register for the Master Class and then...get moving!

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