Transform Your Outdoor Space to Be Summer-ready With Scenic Landscaping [dedicated]

Been dreaming of summer? It’s well on its way, and the warmer weather likely has you thinking about all of the outdoor entertaining you can – fingers crossed – safely do this summer. As so much of our time has been spent indoors over the past year, it’s finally time to pull the curtains back and take a look outside. The time to get your outdoor space summer-ready is now, and Scenic Landscaping LLC is here to help. This premiere landscape design-build firm has over 45 years of award-winning experience with transforming front yard and backyard spaces into outdoor sanctuaries and resort-like oases. Scenic Landscaping shares three ways in which they can help transform your outdoor space to be ready for the summertime…where the livin’ is easy…


The Front Yard

The first impression of any home happens in the front yard, which should be reflective of the care and detail seen inside and out of your house itself. Scenic Landscaping combines the aesthetic of a front yard space with functionality to create an eye-catching look, as seen in this Ridgewood property. For the ultimate curb appeal, Scenic Landscaping creates a garden design to complement the look of the home, including front planting beds, flowers and flowering trees. Front yard landscaping not only is an eye-catching way to create a lasting first impression, but will instantly increase the value of your home as well. Scenic Landscaping's attention to detail and creative designs that abide by town restricions use every inch of space to thoughtfully create interest and enhance usability.


The Pool

Want to go on vacation without leaving the house? In collaboration with their sister companies, Tranquility Pools and Tapestry Landscape Architecture, Scenic Landscaping builds resort-like pools even in the smallest of spaces. Each custom pool is designed to fit the size and flow of your backyard property, such as this design in Rutherford, which incorporates a water feature into the custom fire pit to maximize the space. Cocktail pools are a popular option if you have a smaller lot but want something larger than a spa. When thinking about adding a new feature in your smaller space, prioritize what is important to you: an area for kids to play, a garden space, an outdoor kitchen versus smaller BBQ. Scenic Landscaping's talented design team will incorporate these innovative details to create your new mini-retreat, no matter the size.


The Patio

A patio is where much of the action happens, which is why it’s so important for the space to be well-maintained and designed to maximize functionality. Visualize your outdoor space to determine how you see it working best for you. Some key things to think about are whether you want a kitchen space with dining area; envision a fire pit seating area; or prefer a lounge chair space. Consider your patio to be an extension of your indoor living space. Take it to the next level with outdoor TVs, speakers and appropriate furniture that will leave you with little reason to step foot inside your home during the warm summer months.


Ready to give your outdoor space a big boost? Scenic Landscaping’s team will ensure your unique vision is brought to life with the latest industry developments and their highly-qualified staff. Whether you want to create an intimate garden, custom pool or refresh your outdoor living space, Scenic Landscaping brings superior craftsmanship and creativity to your home. All you will have left to do is kick your feet up, dive in and relax.

Scenic Landscaping LLC
7 Argyle Rd., Haskell
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