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One of the joys of parenthood is watching your child move through their world with natural curiosity and wonder at discovery. So now that it’s time to pick a preschool for your little one, you want a place where their instincts will be nurtured while at the same time, the foundation is laid for the skills they’ll need once they get to elementary school in a few short years. Townsville Montessori School, located in Cliffside Park, New Jersey is exactly the right place for that.

At Townsville, children are encouraged to explore. Their learning classroom offers prepared environments that help guide children through the use of multi-sensory materials as they develop specific skills and pursue their own interests. The bright, open, clean classrooms have five distinct, but interconnected areas in which children can: use familiar materials that are generally found in the home to practice life skills, or isolate their senses as a precursor to reading, writing, and math, learn the building blocks for language using phonetic sounds and age appropriate writing activities, work with math concepts in a hands-on, experiential way, or map their world through studies in culture, science, and geography.

Your child’s independence will be preserved and encouraged as they navigate the classroom, learning at their own pace, monitored, guided and assisted by teachers trained in the child-led Montessori method. Your child will learn to make choices, live in a community with others, and be an active participant in their learning experience. Classrooms are multi-age, including children from ages 2 ½ - 6. Younger students observe and learn from the older students and older students have the opportunity to be mentors and leaders for the younger students. This dynamic relationship fosters positive social skills as the groups share abilities, encourage each other’s efforts and develop empathy.

The goal of the educators at Townsville Montessori School is to encourage a lifelong love of learning. They educate and support the whole child, taking into account each child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical well-being. Children are seen and known for their unique qualities and contributions to the community and their learning is carefully individualized and guided by the experienced educators at Townsville Montessori School. Townsville fosters independence, confidence, critical thinking abilities and creativity in a warm and welcoming environment that makes the learning experience compelling, effective, and fun.

Townsville Montessori School is now accepting new students for the 2023-2024 school year. Follow Townsville Montessori School on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about their community. Or, for more information or to schedule a visit and tour of their school, please email or call 201.917.5681. They’re looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your child.

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