Top Healthy Snack Picks for Kids via Whole Foods Market

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What will we be packing in our kids’ lunchboxes for school this year? Take a peek in our pantry slideshow to see! (all items can be found at your local Whole Foods Market).  Enter now to win a $100 gift card to shop your local Whole Foods Market Here!

Hint Water has the "essence" of fruit but with no sugar, no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners. It's water our kids won't mind drinking!  We also love Hint "Fizz", with carbonation.

My Super Snacks Soft Granola Bites are tasty, whole grain based, healthy snacks developed in the kitchens of two busy moms for their kids who crave delicious food.  They are low in sugar and bite sized- perfect for kids on the go!

Seasnax Chomperz are our new obsession. If your kids already love the Seasnax Seaweed Sheets they will go crazy for these flavored seaweed crackers which have all the nutrients you love from seaweed- plus a great crunch.

Justin's Nut Butter is the perfect pick me up for pick up. A great source of protein to give kids the long lasting energy they need for after school activities, simply squeeze and eat.

Always, always, always keep cut up, sliced and organic (when possible) apples in the house. They can literally be eaten any time. And you know what they say, whether it's true or not but we really believe it cuts down on the doctor visits!

If your kids are as obsessed about fruit rollups as ours are, you're probably stressing about the sugar intake. We found this healthy alternative which contains veggies, has less sugar, and may just have them fooled! Veggie Go's are organic and come in flavors like sweet potato pie and mountain berry spinach.

Sure Greek yogurt is all the rage, but have you tried Icelandic yet? Locally made by Siggi's Dairy, we love these drinkable minis for when your kid is looking for a quick drink that's high in protein and low in sugar. It's tangy and the perfect size (even for mom).  Mix it with granola, chia or oats in the morning and you've got a full on breakfast!

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