This Bergen County Photographer is Making Super Cool Family Films

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Yes, your iPhone is currently filled to the brim with video snippets of your kiddos -- playing in a soccer game, blowing out birthday candles, singing in a school recital. But when was the last time you got video of the whole family together doing the everyday stuff that makes you guys, well, you guys?


Enter Stacey Ilyse, a local Bergen County family photographer who shoots documentary-style “family films,” an increasingly popular way to document a moment in time with your brood and turn it into a very cool keepsake. “I began experimenting with video last year making these little ‘time capsules’ of my own children,” Ilyse says. “And I am so grateful to have them as they capture little voices, laughter, and movement in a way that is just not possible with still photographs.”

The documentary-style films (like this one), usually run about three minutes, and usually find subjects (usually parents and kids together) hanging at home, playing with toys, making breakfast, running around in the yard, or simply lying in bed reading stories – basically whatever it is you guys like to do together. In addition to the family members themselves, Ilyse intertwines unique details of each home, from your kids’ art on the fridge to the way your dog always lies under the dinner table, then edits the whole thing together to fun music, with natural sound of each family woven in.


Our head of marketing and development Sara Deutsch signed up for a session, and the results are adorable. (You can check out her family’s video here.) If you decide you want to get your own family film made, mention Bergen Mama to get $75 off.

Trust us, the grandparents are going to swoon.

Stacey Ilyse Photography
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