This Bergen County Braid Biz Is Changing the Hairstyle Game

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Imagine a world in which your child got the hairstyle they wanted, it lasted for days, and you didn’t have to do anything. Seem too good to be true? Lucky for you, this fantasy is a reality with Bergen County's hot new braid biz, The Braided Crown. Offering everything from braiding lessons for moms and kids to parties to small group colored extension braids, you can completely customize your braid requests based on your needs.


The Braided Crown is the braid-child, we mean brainchild, of Bergen moms Tricia Towey and Brianna Schryver, who became inspired when they saw colorful braid styles at a Taylor Swift concert last summer. It set the wheels in motion, and they quickly perfected their braid skills to turn it into a successful business. 



The Braided Crown offers group packages as well as a la carte requests. Towey and Schryver  will travel anywhere local to braid individual hair -- with or without color extensions -- as well as small groups, dance competitions, Girl Scout events, big parties and more. 


"We recently did a Frozen 2 gathering and braided hair for a small group of girls with either Elsa or Anna braids," says Towey. Also on their style menu? Mohawk braids, watermelon braids, unicorn braids and Double Dutch braids, among others. For individual braiding, colored extension braids range from $15 to $60 depending on the style. Party packages can be customized based on desired styles and number of guests, with a basic package starting at $300 for 20 guests. Packages include the Posie Party, Elsa Party, All-in-One Stations, as well as add-ons such as DIY bow crafts and hair-themed goody bags. 


Bergen Mama tested the colored extension braids, with a 7-year-old opting for a single green extension braid (which also glows under a blacklight), and a 5-year-old choosing the pink/purple Double Dutch braids. Towey mentioned that the braids can last up to a week but with the 5-year-old being a very active sleeper, we were skeptical. Four days later, it still looked like the braids were just styled -- no flyaways in sight. Towey says that some families get braids before big vacations like Disney, which gives them one less thing to worry about.


Moms can get in on the fun too. “We did ladies brunch and taught a group of moms in River Vale how to do braids,” says Towey. “It was really successful, and more than half of the moms left being able to do a fishtail braid.” Moms night out anyone?


Find The Braided Crown on Instagram @thebraidedcrownnj, or email

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