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Ever since your last therapy stint (which included more whining than you’d like to admit: “My mom never… my husband is such a… why won’t my kids…?”) you’ve been doing a bit more self-reflection. Now, it seems, your issues are more grown up: Life has thrown you a few curveballs and then, for no apparent reason, you’ll find yourself floating around in bouts of existential malaise (“What’s the meaning of life? How can I achieve happiness? If I just had a serious case of road rage with the windows up did I really lose it??”)

‘Tis the season for open-minded renewal and self-care, and The Center for Positive Psychology is just the change-up plan the doctor ordered.

Driven by values like unconditional empathy, compassion and open-minded therapies, The Center is all about healing your psychic wounds, improving your mental well being, and encouraging personal growth. Combined with important family needs like IQ and personality testing and groups focused on teen relationships and emotional management, The Center will get you to that happy place – consistently and contentedly.
Working with Dr. Victoria Wilson, with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, a post-doctorate in marital and sex therapy, a law degree, and extensive training in divorce mediation, is like having a room full of experts all wrapped up in one exceedingly healing-centered professional. From child custody evaluations and parenting coordination to individual and family therapies, she’ll have you centered in no time.

Center for Positive Psychology
416 Pompton Ave
Cedar Grove, NJ.


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