The Furniture Today: Home Office Essentials

Whether you’re looking to create a serious workstation or just need a comfortable spot to sit and pay the bills, a home office is essential for modern living. From desks and tables to seating to storage, shelving, and beyond, these home-office must-haves from The Furniture Today are guaranteed to get the job done.

Ready, Set, DESK!
A good desk is the foundation of any good home office. You’ll want one with a smooth surface so you can spread out documents and papers with ease, but also one that’s spacious enough to house your computer and other go-to gadgets (and their docking stations!). We like this one for its simple, sleek, and sturdy design that complements almost any décor. BONUS: Its trio of pull-out drawers is perfect for storing office supplies and keeping your workspace free from clutter.

Sit Pretty
You know that big, bulky, overly padded monstrosity you cop a squat on for eight hours a day at work? It’s not cute. Your home office should be an extension of the rest of your house. Opt for a distinctly more stylish seating choice, like this colorful (and comfortable) low-back model. Best of all, you can still roll across the room with abandon.



Fill ‘Er Up!
Important papers and document shouldn’t be piled up on your desk. Store them away for safe keeping in a file cabinet with some flair, like this faux-walnut model featuring stacked double drawers and a scratch-resistant surface. Organization has never looked so smooth!

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