The Flu Shot Is a Literal Lifesaver

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With flu season upon us, there’s a very good reason to make sure your kids get the flu shot ASAP: It could very well save their lives. Earlier this year, researchers from the CDC published a study in the medical journal Pediatrics that looked at 358 children and teens who died of flu complications during a four-year period. A full 75 percent of them hadn’t gotten the shot. Turns out, if all of them had been vaccinated, more than half of those deaths could have been prevented.



And while children with conditions ranging from asthma to diabetes have a higher risk of becoming severely ill from the flu, it can happen to perfectly healthy kids too. We’re not telling you this to scare you, we’re just saying that if a 15-minute quick trip to the pharmacy clinic can potentially save your child’s life, well, it’s a no-brainer.  And don't forget, when it comes to kids, the flu mist is a no-go as we covered last year, so make sure you bring a lollipop for those shot-averse little ones.

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