The Cupcake Carriage Makes Birthday Wishes Come True [dedicated]

Here it is, another year gone and time to plan a party for your kid. This year, they’re into baking. You’d really like to host a cupcake decorating party at home but you do not want to be scrubbing flour and icing out of the corners of the kitchen for the next several months. Enter The Cupcake Carriage, an adorable mobile bakery making birthday dreams come true all over Bergen County and surrounding areas.

The Cupcake Carriage is a fully equipped mobile bakery that will pull up to your front door, ready to let all those aspiring bakers try their hand at creating beautiful confectionary masterpieces. Party guests will enter the beautifully appointed, charming space and find their very own work station that’s been tricked out with all the supplies the kids need including chef’s toques and aprons. An instructor will be on hand to demonstrate techniques and assist and then the kids get to work decorating their very own cupcakes. If you’ve every watched your kid get engrossed in a craft or activity, you know that the party time will pass quickly as the kids engage in this fun, creative and unique way to celebrate. The Cupcake Carriage offers a range of party packages and themes- some include favors too! Birthday kids can even decorate their own birthday cake with the Cherry on Top package. 

The Cupcake Carriage is the latest brainchild of celebrity custom cake designer and owner of The Ellinet Cake Collection, Tennille Ortiz. Tennille has been providing sweet custom cake and dessert inspiration to clients in and around Bergen County since 2013. The Cupcake Carriage is her way of sharing her love of baking and decorating while also helping busy parents throw a birthday party their kids will never forget. Plus, what could be better than a hassle free two hours of entertainment without one screen in sight?


For more information, or to see which sweet wishes have recently been granted, please visit @THECUPCAKE CARRIAGE on Instagram and @CUPCAKE CARRIAGENJ on Facebook. To see more of Tennille’s work, visit @ellinnetcakecollection on Instagram or @ecakecollection on Facebook. 


The Cupcake Carriage
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