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New Year's resolutions often involve committing to tough-to-stick-to juice cleanses and hard core fitness regimens. But there's a way to jumpstart your year of health and wellness that doesn't involve desperately waiting for the next person to get off the elliptical machine or depriving yourself. The Body Image Boutique in Saddle River is a one-stop shop for body-positive programs and classes and is all about getting you to distress, detoxify, and (most important!) feel good about yourself in a way more relaxed and accepting setting than a gym or fitness studio. Sounds good, right?


Created by yoga extraordinaire Jen Kraft of Defiant Yoga and psychotherapist Melanie Struble, BIB caters to men, women, and kids with a whole roster of classes. Yoga offerings range from Vinyasa to Yin to (our favorite) Restorative, as well as yoga that you and your children can do together  -- because it's never too early to introduce your kiddos to body-positive classes.


The airy, comfortable sport is also the perfect place to learn something new and good for you, like Reiki (great for stress relief), traditional meditation, and the self-healing system Ayurveda. There are various one-day workshops offered, and if you need a little kickstart in the nutrition department, you can meet with a nutritionist and counselor who can help come up with an individualized mind-body nutrition plan. There's even a medical doctor, social worker, and psychotherapist (that would be co-founder Struble) on staff if you happen to need them, making the Body Image Boutique about as integrative as it gets. New year. New you. Let's do it.

The Body Image Boutique
96 East Allendale Road, Saddle River

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