Teaching Your Kid to Fly is Now a Reality

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Want to be your kids' hero this weekend? (Not that you're not every weekend, of course) Well, tell your brood you're going to let them fly. No, we're not advocating lying, we're saying you can actually let them fly. Seriously. And it'll just take a little trip across the George Washington Bridge.

An indoor skydiving company called iFly recently opened a new Westchester location in Yonkers, which features vertical wind tunnel that allows individuals ages 3 and up to experience how it feels to fly. Now, you probably have some questions, right? (Or are thinking, no way am I letting my kid do this.) iFly answers just about everything on its website, but the short version is it's perfectly safe, not to mention a total blast. There's no jumping, freefalling, or parachuting, and each flyer is spotted during the flying session by an instructor. The whole shebang lasts about an hour and a half, and can include one or more 60-second flights, depending on the package you purchase.

And there's lots of other cool stuff about the experience – from your kids getting to don a flight suit to seeing a video of themselves post-flight to feeling like an all-around superhero afterwards. Yeah, sorry, turns out your stint as family hero was short-lived …

iFly Westchester
849 Ridge Hill Boulevard, Yonkers, New York

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