Teacher Gifts: Bergen Style

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Despite little Johnny’s rowdy behavior, she still managed to teach him Singapore math.
And she didn’t even mention the time you sent in a yogurt tube that expired last summer.  Celebrate those who gave their all to our children with something smart for teacher.  Here’s a last minute gifts you can pull together in no time:

Keep it sweet with these adorable school days cookies that will stay fresh all summer vacation.  ($65 for a box set of 22 cookies, Eleni’s School Days Cookies, order online)

A place to stash her stash.  This custom pencil holder will also look pretty on her desk.  ($15, available to order on Etsy.com)

Cleanliness is next to Godliness (and a matter of survival for teachers).  Keep her healthy with this customized hand sanitizer.  ($8, Personalized Hand Sanitizer, available to order on Etsy.com)

For tons of other teachers gifts, gift cards ideas and plenty of DIY gift ideas, check out our Teachers Gift Pinterest Board here.

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