Summer Fun All Year Long With Kaplen JCC on the Palisades’ Camp365 [dedicated]

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If there are any words you're likely to hear from your kids at the end of summer, it's that they wish camp could last all year long. The good news? Now you don't have to make them wait another 10 months to experience the best parts of camp. Kaplen JCC on the Palisades and Neil Klatskin Summer Camps are introducing their new Camp365 program, which offers engaging and exciting activities for kids, run by their camp team throughout the entire year. Say goodbye to that end-of-summer sadness! Through Camp365, kids in preschool through 5th grade can enjoy the Kids Club, Neil Klatskin Vacation Camps, and after-school Enrichments.


The Camp365 Kids Club is an after-school program run in the fall and spring – with the option to choose both sessions. Open to the public with transportation offered from select schools, the program provides a fun and safe space for kids to enjoy playtime in the gym and playground, special games and activities, homework help, sports, snack, and socialization. Kids will have a blast making new friends, while you can feel confident they are getting the care and activity they need.


The Neil Klatskin Vacation Camp brings back the best of summer fun when school's out for winter and spring break. Hello stressless vacation time! The preschool program engages little ones through swim, art, sports and more age-appropriate activities. The school-age program for grades K-5 offers on-site fun including science, yoga and art classes, plus off-campus trips to High Exposure, Urban Air and the movie theater. 


If you're looking for more regular, weekly fun with a focus, try out an after-school Enrichment program taught by one of the JCC's experienced and beloved intructors. Enroll your budding chef in their cooking class, where they can chop 'til they drop; let your up-and-coming artist embrace their creative side in the fine arts class; or explore their STEM skills as a mini-engineer in the science and RobotMakers class. Enrichments are available for grades K-3, with certain grades for each class.


With new happenings added throughout the year, there will always be excitement that is sure to put a smile on your child's face. Now, there's no reason to wait for summer to get that immersive camp experience. Let Camp365 fill your child's school year with those summertime activities they long for throughout the year.

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