Summer Art Camp at One River School (dedicated)

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Wait, what? Are your kids’ summer camps not booked yet? Seriously? You guys, we’ve been warning you about this for months now. IT’S TIME FOR CAMP. Well, you slow-pokes are in luck because we have more camp information for you and this one is pretty sweet. One River School is offering some awesome, creative art camps for kids and teens.

For kids, grades K-2nd, they offer drawing and painting camps like Watercolor Underworlds, Picasso’s Guitars, Pop Art Masters, and Street Art Painting. In sculpture classes, they offer Jungle Creations, Dino Sculpting, and Flying Sculpted Birds where students crate their own three-dimensional birds using newspaper, plastic strips, feathers, and wire. Lucky!  

Kids in grades 3-5, can learn to draw and paint realistically and they’re also offered Digital Inventions camp where they can use 3D modeling software to design their own creations. They can learn to sculpt with clay, create comic books, and work on giant Masonite boards. They can make movies or design clothes and make prints or street art. Sign me up!

And One River really takes things to the next level with the teen classes for kids in grades 6-12. They offer graphic design camps to help kids develop skills for making logos and websites, airbrush painting camps that allow kids to make their most surreal artwork, graphic novel illustration classes for those who want to tell a story, and character animation camps where they learn to manipulate characters in Adobe Flash. And this is all just in JUNE. The rest of the summer brings more sessions of brush painting, collage, interior design, anime, fantasy illustration, and even toy design. Seriously, there are too many amazing classes to list here.  

So, ask your friends if you can pass for a teenager and sign yourself up! I mean, your kids; sign your kids up for camp today before it’s all booked up!

One River School
49 N Dean Street
Englewood, NJ 07631
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