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When the stars are out of alignment, it’s unlucky.  When it’s your spine, it’s just darn painful.  Whether it’s the carpool routine, the computer, or toting around an overgrown toddler, you are in need of a serious rub down-stat.

No matter, pick a time, a quiet space in your home and pick up the phone.  These two massage therapists are at-large in Bergen and ready to work out your kinks.

Caleb M. Edmond went into massage after a stint in nursing 13 years ago, and has been helping ease aches and pains ever since.  On Mondays he works out of Tenafly Chiropractic, but the rest of the week he is open for home stops.  He showed up at our house promptly at 9pm armed with a heated table and music.  Once his setup was ready, we hopped on, face down, and began to unwind.  Caleb’s combined technique of Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Anma and Trigger Point work loosened up every sore muscle on our body.  And although we only scheduled an hour, Caleb gave us some “extra time” because he thought we needed it (fine with us!).  Need something on the late side?  No problem, he’s been known to take appointments until 11pm. 

Caleb M. Edmond
Certified Licensed Massage Therapist
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$90 for a one hour session, major credit cards accepted

You’d never guess from looking at her that Faye Cruz gives a really strong massage.  The petite therapist hails from Massage Envy in Waldwick and has built her clientele gradually over the past two years strictly by word of mouth.  Using a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue, Faye worked each knot, lulling us into a deeply relaxed state.  After an hour, she asked us how we felt, and we managed to eek out a whisper of “amazing” in response. 

Faye Cruz
Certified Massage Therapist
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$85 for a one hour session

So next time your muscles are aching and you are carrying the world on your shoulders, treat yourself to some in-home luxury and call up the experts. 

They’ve got your back. 

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