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Mommy enjoys quiet, with mood music, aromatherapy and a lonnng, slow foot rub. Daddy likes it at a deafening pitch, with a beer cozy in one hand- a remote control in the other (and occasional shouts at the TV).

But for kids, nothing quite compares to the thrill of Kidville, which is coming to Englewood in Winter 2012. The over 4,000 square foot indoor play space with ample parking boasts a gym, art studio, party locale, fashion boutique and salon all in one kiddoriffic destination. Young ones (from babies all the way up to six year-olds) can choose from activities and classes like Rockin’ Railroad, Run Wiggle Paint & Giggle, Kidville University, Big Muscle Builders, Kidville Soccer, My Big Messy Art Class, Ballet Tea Party, Big Muscles for Little Babies, Construction Junction, Kidville Gymnasts, Savvy Scientists & Awesome Engineers, Kidville Basketball and more.

Register for an 8 week Winter semester class and get $50.00 off and 10 free playspace passes!

It’s enough to make the whole family jump up and down with excitement.

Register here or call: (201)266-0633

Kidville, (Opening, Winter 2012)
20 Grand Avenue, Englewood

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