Drop It! Four Ways to Keep Those Resolutions In Check

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Did your December of egg nog-ingesting, latke-inhaling and num-num noshing on one too many goat-cheese-stuffed-dates-wrapped-in-bacon-chased-with-copious-amounts-of-red-wine have you donning your pregnancy jeans with the stretchy waistband at drop off this week? Yeah… us, too.

January to the rescue- with our list of local experts to help us both get on track (or the treadmill).

I want to . . . drop the lbs/kick the smokes/go sans pain relievers:  Whatever your vice, take your pins and needles from Dr. Ahn and Dr. Kim, the licensed acupuncturist/ certified herbalist team behind Queen Oriental Medicine, who after a thorough exam and a barrage of questions, will create a customized program using acupuncture, pressure beads, and herbal concoctions to help you battle your toughest troublesome areas. The doctors also perform weekly follow-ups to help you stick to your goals and get you bikini-ready by spring break. ($120 for initial consultation credited to your program upon sign-up, prices based on prescribed treatment, 201-408-5700, 701 E. Palisade Ave, Suite 201, Englewood Cliffs)

I want to . . . start running (or win a race): College lacrosse star-turned-running coach Alex White wants to turn you into a lean, mean, running machine. In other words, if you walk, she will teach you how to jog at the right pace with proper form. And if you already run, she can tweak your program and have you sprinting to the next level.  Start now and you will be logging 5Ks and 10Ks with your new svelte runner’s physique by springtime.  (Learn To Run with Alex White, Track N’ Training Class at Metro Fitness Click Here for Schedule. $40 per class, BERGEN MAMA SPECIAL: First class $10 with the mention of Bergen Mama! Private sessions also available, 917-880-6348 or email alex@awrunning.com)

I want to . . . get organized: Efficiency pro Linda English, founder of Organizing With Ease, will come to your home for a specific project (say, the overflowing playroom closet . . . ) or a specific process (um, the dreaded morning routine . . .) and simplify it, thereby reducing your stress. She arrives, toolbox in hand, assesses your specific situation and presents easy-to-implement solutions. She also isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and do all the dirty work. Voila – happy Mama! (Free half-hour consultation, rates based on project, Organizing With Ease, orgwithease@aol.com or 201-638-9593)

I want to . . . detox and live cleaner: There’s nothing quite like a good cleanse to take a load off and start the New Year right. Get your fresh-pressed juice delivered to your doorstep from Liquiteria NYC. A resident nutritionist will help you select the juices that best suit you (we’re partial to the “All Greens With Apple”) and ship them frozen so you can keep a stash on hand without having to worry about spoilage (from $6.50 per bottle plus shipping, Liquiteria, 212-358-0300, or order from their website.)  Don’t want the commitment of ordering by the case?  Fresh pressed juices from Blue Print Cleanse are now offered at Whole Foods Market Edgewater, Paramus and Ridgewood by the bottle (from $5.99 per bottle) Giving you no excuse to go without the juice. 

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