Scream Truck Brings Ice Cream on Demand to Bergen County

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There's no question that sometimes, we would drive to the ends of the earth just for a lick of some of our favorite ice cream. But, there's also no question that sometimes, we just can't muster enough energy or motivation — even if the craving is still there. 

When supermarket tubs don't quite cut it but you're unable to leave the house to grab a cone of your favorite flavors, we found the perfect solution, and it gets delivered right to your door. We're talking about Scream Truck, an on demand ice cream truck that started over three years go, and it's finally making its way to Bergen County starting in April. Instead of keeping your fingers crossed that the local ice cream truck will actually make it past your house on the route, you can now reserve a visit so there are no surprises (and no disappointments).

With more than 15 trucks, the on-the-go business has been able to continue expanding to areas all over NJ. To get your home's address added, simply sign up to add it to one of Scream Truck's routes, and you'll automatically get a text when the truck is heading your way — which is about once per week. Then, you can just confirm your stop with a simple Y reply and just wait for the ice cream to show up without barely having to throw your flip flops on.

Right now, it's adding Bergen County trucks to its name, so it can pay your neighborhood a visit during one of Scream Truck's reserved routes in select Bergen County towns. Towns will get added once they reach 500 signups, and right now, Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes, Ridgewood, and Waldwick are the most popular ones it's targeting. So, get your friends and neighbors to sign up in order to get your town on its route.

On Scream Truck's menu, you can find specialty desserts like a layered brownie, cookie crumble, or snickers bar sundae, soft serve cones, milk shakes, and non-dairy options. You can also build your own ice cream treat by choosing from vanilla, chocolate, or twist ice cream, and picking your toppings including cookie dough, cereal, candy, drizzles, a variety of sprinkles, and so much more. It's all about not just appealing to kids like most ice cream trucks do, but also offering a variety of treats for adults. And bonus, all Scream Trucks are certified kosher and have a separate nut-free station, with staff fully trained in allergy awareness. If you like what you see (and taste), you can also reserve Scream Truck for your next private party.

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