Oooh, shoes! Sarah Jessica Parker Pop-Up Shop Opens

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You know that recurring dream you have where you and your bff, Carrie Bradshaw, are hanging out in Midtown and you walk into a cute little store just off Fifth Avenue and it’s full of shoes and bags and she picks up a pair of so so adorable pumps and says she thinks you should try them on? Well, guess what? It wasn’t a dream. Carrie Bradshaw’s counterpart, the even cooler in real life, Sarah Jessica Parker, has re-opened her SJP Pop-Up Shop in the same location as her holiday pop-up shop and word on the street is that she was working the floor on April 2nd, the day it opened.



The original Pop-Up was open during the 2017 Holiday season and featured her best-selling pumps, heels and booties in new fabrics and colors. This time around, she’ll be doing the whole SJP Collection including pretty purses, the fabled SJP LBD, and yes, plenty of fabulous footwear ranging from flats to wedges to sky-high heels.


Carrie, uh wait, SJP’s Instagram post promises that, “The store’s open until further notice!” so head on over and check it out. Who knows, you might get lucky with a sighting or (squeel) she might even help you find that perfect new pair of swoon-worthy shoes. But just one thing…remember the episode of Sex in the City where Carrie realizes she’s spent $40,000 on shoes? Yeah, might not want to do that.

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Pop-Up open NOW! 640 Fifth Avenue, New York (enter at 6 West 52nd Street)

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