Saddle River Day School Encourages Thinkers and Future Leaders [dedicated]

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Every year, the first day of school brings a new schedule, new school supplies, and best of all, the new faces of the people who have joined their school community. This year, Saddle River Day School in Saddle River, New Jersey, is thrilled to welcome over 140 new students and their families to the school across their Lower, Middle and Upper school divisions.


The reasons families give for choosing Saddle River Day School are as diverse and unique as their student body itself. But some of the things families have shared as differentiators in the crowded field of independent and private schools in Northern New Jersey are the small class sizes at SRDS, the impressive college placement outcomes, the exciting and challenging curriculum and one-of-a-kind enrichment opportunities, and the mission of SRDS educators and staff to see and value each child as an individual. But by far the best thing SRDS families new and old say about the school is, "SRDS just felt like home."


Saddle River Day School students come from all over Northern New Jersey and parts of New York. SRDS students are thinkers, athletes, artists, creators, innovators, and disruptors among their numbers. SRDS students are lively, bold, curious, intelligent, interested, and interesting. They improve our community with their gifts and talents.


Saddle River Day School offers your student a rigorous academic curriculum that can be tailored to the individual strengths of your child, the opportunity to participate in arts, sports, technology, visual and digital design, and academic clubs and organization. Students are encouraged to create new clubs or organizations that align with their interests and passions. Project-based learning, capstone research projects, and Gateway Honors Diploma program for our most motivated students are hallmarks of an education at Saddle River Day School.


If you would like to know more about Saddle River Day School, please visit their website and register for an on-campus tour, a virtual information session, or an open house. Information about the SRDS philosophy, curriculum, extracurricular activities, and unique and innovative enrichment programs is also available on the website. And of course, the SRDS Admissions Team and Division Heads are always available to speak with families and answer questions. Here's hoping yours is one of the new faces SRDS is celebrating next year!

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