Running and Fitness Classes in Bergen County, NJ

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Here are the best running  classes and fitness classes for kids in Bergen County.
Parisi Speed School (2-22 Banta Place, Fairlawn, 201-794-1555; 516 Commerce Street, Franklin Lakes)
In most sports, speed and footwork can give the edge needed to get from good to ALL-STAR status. At Parisi Speed School, motivated coaches will increase your child’s athletic performance with intense training programs proven to enhance coordination, running technique, flexibility, with programs designed for athletes (or those who don’t even play sports) of all skill levels, starting with their Parisi Pee Wee classes for kids ages 4-7 to their Elite Sports Performance class for teens.
Learn to Run with Alexandra Champ (145 Piermont Rd., Tenafly, 917-880-6348 or email
Despite the addicted runners we see darting around town (some even with strollers… kudos to you mamas) we know that running is definitely not as easy as it looks. And whether your kid is training for a 5K or to get in shape for play on the football field, you want your kid up to speed. Get your kids the proper form with USA Track and Field Certified Running Coach Alexandra Champ. The track star, running and lacrosse coach (and mom of two active boys) teaches clients techniques for speed and endurance as well as how to train properly and safely, for kids ages 12 and up. Private, semi-private lessons and group training available.
Racefaster with Aidan Walsh (outdoor training in Ridgewood)
The running champ hailing from Ireland is a fitness fanatic and his love for being active is contagious (so say any of the kids who've joined his running clubs). From joining their club team to being a part of the fall cross country season, Racefaster is a great way to have your kids ages 5-14 enjoy the sport with an experienced trainer who knows how to make it fun.
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